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Who is Private Coaching For?

Often a successful coaching relationship is usually determined before the first conversation ever occurs.


That’s because the positive results produced during coaching are more dependent upon the life situation and goals you bring to coaching than the coaching process itself. The key factor to success is how well your needs match the benefits provided by my coaching services.


In other words, selling coaching is a sorting process – not a sales process – based on the needs of the client.

"We have been looking to develop our property business for a couple of years but just couldn't get over the first hurdle. Since being mentored by Tanner we have more focus, a better mindset and we have found our first flip expected to make us £60k to £80k profit! Tanner's support goes beyond this one deal thought, it has put us in a far better position to take our property business to the next level."

Darren & Amanda Hogg, Private Coaching Clients


This is why I insist on a free discovery session – to see if both you and I are a good fit before you ever pay a penny. Clients who match the profile of a “coaching client” usually pursue a coaching relationship because the benefit is clear and obvious, while those who do not fit the profile are directed to more appropriate resources.


Below are three key criteria I look to establish during our free discovery session to ensure the benefits you experience will exceed the cost of my services. 

How big is your goal?


The first step is to carry out what I call a “gap analysis”.


Define the gaps in your business and where you want it to be. This is your goal.


Then deciding what that goal is worth to you will determine whether you’re willing, or able, to pay the price to get there.


We also need to be realistic about your current situation. For example, if you are currently £50,000 in debt and struggling to make ends meet, the cost of my private coaching is going to be difficult to justify, when there are a wealth of alternative, free resources that will support your short term goal. 


What Is Your Personal Path To Wealth?


The next step in determining if you are a good fit for personal coaching is to understand your current life situation.


Private coaching clients typically fit one of the following three profiles…


1. Business Owner / Entrepreneur : 

You are launching a business, have an existing business or businesses (including professionals, doctors, opticians and consultants), or you’re looking at starting a sideline business.


Entrepreneurs and business professionals love private coaching for many reasons, but the most obvious justification from a cost/benefit standpoint is they have capital at risk with many potential leverage points for financial gain.


It is a fairly simple process for coaching to help them avoid one mistake, improve one decision, or take the business to a higher level thus providing a return on investment that is several multiples of the cost.


Entrepreneurs and business professionals frequently experience coaching as a revenue producing activity instead of an expense.


2. Active Investor: 

You invest and have a growing portfolio approaching six figures (or more). You own property / real estate, have active paper asset strategies (stocks, bonds, funds etc) or are looking to invest into businesses.


The key point here is your investment strategy is hands-on rather than passive. You have enough capital at risk that a single bad investment decision avoided or a few investment decisions improved can easily pay for years of coaching fees.


3. More Education Than Results: 

If you’ve already attended seminars, taken home study courses, developed great ideas, but got stuck following through and implementing solutions then your problem is not information – but the integration and application of that information.


No book, seminar, or course will get you over the hump to produce results. Only a highly skilled coach can help you integrate your knowledge into your business and overcome the obstacles that are holding you back from success.


Nothing else will produce the results needed as efficiently and effectively making all alternatives more costly in the long-run.


The common thread in each of the above situations is as follows…


  1. You are already in the business game in one way or another. You’re a business owner, start up entrepreneur, or actively pursuing business education.

  2. The fact that you’re already in the game means you have capital at risk and leverage points where improved decisions can make large differences in results produced.

  3. This means one mistake avoided, one insight gained, or one improved decision can pay for years of coaching.


In short, private coaching becomes a smart business decision for these client situations because the value exceeds the cost.


The only relevant question remaining is, “Do you fit any of these situations?” You don't have to fit all of them – just one or more.


Darren & Amanda Hogg, Private Coaching Clients

Are You Coachable? 


The third element for a successful coaching relationship is whether private coaching fits your personal style and so you must be coach-able. Some or all of the following statements should apply to you:


  • I’m committed to a better life for myself and my family.

  • I’m willing to invest a certain amount of time, energy and money toward fulfilling my potential.

  • I’m not looking for get-rich-quick fantasies and accept that there are no quick fixes. I want a realistic plan and view private coaching as a long-term growth process to create the changes I want in my life.

  • I am ready to do the work necessary to produce the results I desire, and I will let the coach do the coaching.

  • I accept responsibility for my actions at all times and will not expect the coach to “fix” me because I know I am the only one who can make change happen.

  • I have adequate funds to pay for coaching and will not regret or suffer about the fee. I view coaching as a worthwhile investment in my future and will gladly pay for educational insight that produces results.

  • I will call on-time for coaching appointments, be honest, be accountable for the results I produce, and be open to new and different ideas in order to achieve greater success.


Am I a Good Fit For Private Coaching - Summarised


In summary, there are three elements to consider when deciding if you are right for private coaching and should proceed to a strategy session…


  1. Is your goal big enough to justify the price you will pay to achieve it?

  2. Does your life situation fit one of the three examples described so that you can expect coaching to produce more value than it costs?

  3. Are you coach-able so that your personal style supports success through the coaching process.


If you meet all three of the above, then here is the reality you face… if you aren’t working with a private coach then you are leaving money on the table.


You are literally throwing opportunity away because private coaching has a high probability of being a revenue producer rather than an expense. Plus it is even a deductible business expense… speak to your accountant (or you can use mine).


There is never a cost or obligation to have a discovery call so you have absolutely nothing to lose by having a conversation, because it might just be the breakthrough you're looking for.


Click below to speak to the team about booking a session.

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