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UK Property Investment Expert. 
Deal Maker.
Best Selling Author.
Award Winning Coach.
Thought Provoker.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."
- Thomas Edison


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Tanner has been investing into UK property since 2010. He buys, sells and holds residential and commercial property with an average ongoing project pipeline of around £5m. 


Tanner has been a property coach & mentor since 2015. He specialises in deal structuring, financial engineering and raising private finance. He has guided clients on over £100m worth of property transactions.


Tanner is an engaging speaker and regularly speaks to a variety of audiences at events, networks and businesses about property, deal making, and personal development. 

"Since working closely with Tanner I have taken my business from a side hustle to a full time income and increased turnover by over 600%."

Salim Miah, AB Invest Ltd

Tanner is no stranger to the trouble stricken journey of a property entrepreneur.

As a former civil engineer with an entrepreneurial streak, he started his "journey to riches" by investing in property in 2010.

Then, like many young and keen entrepreneurs, his attention quickly turned to the next ”big shiny object” and he pumped much time and much money chasing new "strategies". 

After a few years of 60-hour weeks, poor sleep and financial stress that unsurprisingly ended in a physical and mental breakdown, he had a bit of an epiphany…

Two months later he made £240k in one day and now teaches his dynamic and simplified approach through his Do More Deals Framework.


Tanner has a big passion for property and like all businesses recognises that property is about people.

The Property Entrepreneurs Club is a Multiple Award Winning Community that is designed to provide a platform for property entrepreneurs to learn how to create win-win deals, manage risk and maximise back-end returns.  

Our people come first and we are building one of the best communities of active business owners, investors and developers in the UK.


Tanner has been delivering speaking engagements for many years to a variety of audiences.

Mainly discussing entrepreneurship, UK property and deal structuring, he also talks about personal development, finance and the journey to becoming a full time professional investor.​

His talks are engaging, unique and thought provoking with his raw, open and honest style often a big hit with audiences.​


Tanner is well connected and receives many off market investment opportunities via Ajito Capital

He works with numerous private and corporate investors delivering security backed fixed returns often as high as 50%+.  

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