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Hi, I'm Tanner H.Hicks

Private investor, multiple business owner, business coach, value engineer and dedicated family man. 

I help business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses through investment, strategic integration, value engineering and by thinking differently.

Here's my story...

My three passions in life are my family, business and sport.

I have always involved myself in sport from a young age and have particularly thrived within a team environment.

I hold a big belief that we are all better as individuals, and as businesses, when we work together on a common goal.

Here's a little interview I did about my story and my view on the World...


My personal story starts on the Isle of Wight, a small time forgotten island off the south coast of England.


As a lad I didn’t really put much thought into business - at the time I was more passionate about playing football in the park with my mates. 

However as I grew up I started to appreciate the value of money, the internal stresses it can cause and thus the importance of financial security.

Looking back, I realise I had a few particularly good skills.


  1. I was great at taking something and making it better.

  2. I was quite creative and always like to look at things from a different perspective

  3. I had a knack for building rapport with people… 

Whilst studying Civil Engineering at university, a couple of mates started an online business focusing on compiling all the local takeaways into one place, it was a great idea. I saw an opportunity to help them and negotiated my way in.


Without realising it at the time, I had just negotiated my first consulting-for-equity deal. It went on to be sold a few years later to Just Eat, and I made a few quid...

After uni however I didn't know what I really wanted to do so I followed my mates into London and landed a job as a Graduate Civil Engineer. I only made the one application, but this led to one interview and I landed the job. 

My taste for being an employee didn’t last long though. I was working long hours and my earnings were capped. It was also boring… not like the fun I had working with my mates to create something like before.

I wanted more control over my earnings and more flexibility with my time. ​

‍I had already started investing into property whilst working and so decided to focus more on this. I thought if I could build some solid rental income I would have some financial security to jump into starting a business for myself. 

In 2014 I quit my job and decided to start a property sourcing and management business. 

However rather than focus on that, I was too keen to build my empire quicker than I actually could and my attention kept turning to the next ”big shiny object”. I pumped a lot of time and a lot of money into starting new ventures….


I was trying to run multiple business marathons, on very little sleep, with very little money and little support.

Unsurprisingly, after a few years of spinning many plates and living with constant financial stress, I had a breakdown. 

Searching for answers and help I invested in a mentorship programme and shortly after starting I had an epiphany…

Why try and compete in a marathon, when I could just back the winner and still collect a share of the prize?

This is when my mindset completely shifted from trying to start something from scratch every five minutes - effectively creating myself a new job and a new stress each time - to becoming a more hands off and strategic investor.

I now invest in debt and private equity, buying and selling lower mid-market companies across various industries. I also continue to enjoy investing in property in both the residential and commercial sectors.

I help business owners to think more like investors and approach their businesses in a different way to how I used to. I get to work with some amazing people, we have fun and we create amazing value, together. 

I also have a passion for speaking and regularly speak at events, businesses and schools about my journey, and to share my experiences and knowledge. If you’re interested in booking me or having a chat about what value I can add, please contact my amazing team here.

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