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Investor. Business Coach. Thought Provoker.
Value Engineer. Family Man. 

Helping business owners expand their thinking, fulfil their potential and ultimately, build more wealth.


Whether that’s through acquisitions, mergers, exits, productisation, systemisation, finance engineering, or simply thinking differently...

'You can't see what you're not looking at..."
"Since working with Tanner I have taken my business from a side hustle to a full time income and increased turnover by over 600%."

Salim Miah, Private Coaching Client


I am no stranger to the trouble stricken journey of a start up entrepreneur.

A former civil engineer with an entrepreneurial streak, I started my "journey to riches" by investing in property in 2010. A solid move...

Then, like many young and keen entrepreneurs, my attention quickly turned to the next ”big shiny object” and I pumped much time and much money into starting new ventures. A less solid move...

After a few years of 60-hour weeks, poor sleep and financial stress that unsurprisingly ended in a physical and mental breakdown, I had a bit of an epiphany…

Why try and compete in a marathon, when I could just back the winner and still collect a share of the prize?

This is when my mindset completely shifted from trying to start something myself every five minutes - effectively creating myself a new job and a new stress each time - to becoming a more hands off and strategic investor.

I have since gone on to invest into multiple businesses, partnerships and assets.

With a multi-million pound property and investment portfolio and shareholdings in several companies I focus on building and investing into strategic partnerships.

With a passion for collaboration and a desire to do more and help more, I work with business owners to expand their thinking, fulfil their potential and ultimately, build more wealth.


Alongside business acquisition and investment, a big part of how I create personal wealth is through real estate property deals. 

The Property Entrepreneurs Club is designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to learn how to create win-win property deals that minimise upfront risk while maximising back-end returns.  

We focus on facts, not fairytales and stay away from all the overused and tiresome marketing gimmicks and sales tactics aimed at the masses. 

We are building one of the best communities of active business owners, investors and developers in the UK who all want to increase their knowledge, experience, opportunities and achievements.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

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